How do we know whether our work is valuable to others? How do we know what or whether visitors are learning? Should learning even be the goal of a museum visit? Why should people visit museums? Where do we make time in our work to ask questions like this? And how do we use these questions, and the answers we find, to improve our own work and the work of the field?

This blog is dedicated to questions about museums and the ongoing challenge of creating a thoughtful, reflective practice.  I come to this from 15 years of work in art museum Education Departments, and my current role as the Director of the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum, which opened to the public in June 2015.

I can be reached by email at rebeccasherz-at-gmail.com. I can be found on twitter at @rebeccaherz.

Please note, all opinions expressed in this blog are those of Rebecca Shulman Herz and guest interviewees and authors, not the Peoria PlayHouse or the Peoria Park District.

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  1. Hey Rebecca. I don’t know who should do the storytelling in museums. We, the people who work in museums, own so many stories ourselves that when it comes to being definitive, and selecting one point of view we can’t. Also, when it comes to telling stories about ethnic groups who are different from our own, we need voices of various communities contributing to the perspectives. Maybe museum staff can at least become proficient in the histories we are trying to open up and hold a space for visitors inquiry. In this instance, how do we educate around the topic of African American enslavement, the point of the Civil War, the legacy of both, and the aftermath we have been experiencing all these years?

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